5 Extreme Over the Top Coastal Nautical Decor Ideas

These extreme over the top coastal nautical decor ideas take you beyond the expected, and they are amusing too.

extreme decoration
Why not mount something extreme? Like a Bow Maiden Figure Head on the outside of your house. Or hang her inside as seen in this Coastal Home on the Jersey Shore. These maidens turn heads and start interesting conversations.

hanging boat from ceiling in living room
Hanging a Boat Turned Bed from the Ceiling in the living room. A little extreme?

extreme shell decorations
Extreme coastal decor idea with seashells. Large parts of this bathroom walls are Shell Covered. Imagine the hours spend, amassing such a shell collection, then painstakingly attaching the shells to the surface.

aquarium tables
If you'd enjoy The Under Water World at Home but a simple aquarium is too ordinary for you, there are other options. Such as aquarium tables and aquarium bars.

extreme decorations
This bounty of buoys make for a memorable entry. Featured on Ideas for Nautical Curb Appeal -Bring on the Buoys. Would you use any of these extreme over the top coastal nautical decor ideas in your home?

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