5 Extreme Over the Top Coastal Nautical Home Decor Ideas

These extreme over the top coastal nautical decor ideas take you beyond the expected, and they are amusing too.

extreme decoration
Why not mount something extreme? Like a Bow Maiden Figure Head on the outside of your house. Or hang her inside as seen in this Coastal Home on the Jersey Shore. These maidens turn heads and start interesting conversations.

Mermaid Bow Maiden Exterior House Decor Figure Head Idea

hanging boat from ceiling in living room
Turn a boat into a Dreamy Coastal Daybed, hanging it from the ceiling with rope.

extreme shell decorations
You can cover almost anything with shells, from Frames, to Lamp Bases, to Fireplace Mantels, but an entire bathroom wall might just take it a little bit too far. Imagine the hours spend, amassing such a shell collection, then painstakingly attaching the shells to the surface. But as extreme as this shell covered bathroom wall might seem, some people have take this concept even further and created Shell Covered Home

aquarium tables
If you'd enjoy the under water world but a simple art piece or aquarium is too ordinary for you, check out all these ideas.

extreme decorations
While painted buoys, be it original ones that floated in the sea, or new ones made for decor, bring nautical charm and pops of color to the home, you might not want to bury your house with them.