Nautical and Coastal Beach Interiors by Barclay Butera

Barclay Butera's decor style is opulent, rich in textures, patterns, colors and mostly bold.

Nautical Barclay Butera
A small room with Ship Wheels Wall Decor and and large scale furniture and accessories.

nautical bedroom in red white blue
Butera's decor style has similarities to The Wild Nautical World of Diamond Baratta.

coastal interiors by Barclay Butera
Red is used as an accent wall. An Oar Wall Rack is part of the Coastal Nautical Entryway Design.

Barclay Butera home in Newport Beach CA
And here's a peek into Barclay Butera's home in Newport Beach, CA, via Traditional Home.

Barcley Butera at home
Coastal interiors with British Colonial style in the mix.

beach interiors
You can tour many of the homes he decorated right on his website Barclay Butera.

Barclay Butera Living on the Coast book
Barclay Butera's book Living on the Coast, features different coastal style interiors from cottage to classic to modern.