Nautical and Coastal Beach Interiors by Barclay Butera

Barclay Buteras decor style is opulent, rich in textures, patterns, colors and mostly bold.

Coastal Living Decor Design Barclay Butera
Barclay Butera's  Newport Collection (sold at Wayfair) finds its inspiration in the relaxed yet sophisticated lifestyle of the coast. Barclay Butera's bold interior room designs are layered with textures and attention is paid to details such as a grasscloth wallpaper on the Back of the Bookshelves.

Coastal Designer Bedroom with Poster Bed
A Statement Poster Bed in a bedroom that is designed in a coastal theme using Coastal Bedding

Barclay Butera Newport Home Decor and Furniture Collection

Sophisticated Coastal Room Interior Design and Decor Ideas
This Blue Coastal Living Room by Barclay Butera is designed in a more modern coastal style. A beautiful flat weave Blue Striped Rug is the anchor piece for the seating composition. 

Like most people who love the sea, Barclay Butera loves the color blue and uses it a lot in his interior designs. This is what he says about the color blue: "It's fresh, it's clean, and it's evocative of the ocean and the coastal lifestyle I love to live." 

Blue Coastal Interior Design Ideas Designer Interiors
The crisp white Bed looks glamorous and elegant and is nicely balanced with a playful coastal theme duvet cover.

Elegant Coastal Home Office Designer Interiors
The Upholstered Wing Back Chair is part of what gives this Coastal Home Office a luxurious feel.

Elegant Sophisticated Glamorous Coastal Blue and White Interior Design and Decorating Ideas
Opulent seating area done in fresh blue and crisp white with a stunning Shell Mirror flanked by Blue & White Coral Prints as the focal point on the wall.

Nautical Style Entryway Hallway Wardrobe Idea with Storage

Modern Elegant Blue and White Living Room with Office
In this living room Barclay Butera uses Wallpaper with a subtle pattern to elevate the space.

Bold classic blue and white stripes are used on the bed in this Nautical Bedroom

Nautical Barclay Butera
A small room with Ship Wheels Wall Decor and and large scale furniture and accessories.

nautical bedroom in red white blue
Some of Butera's coastal interiors bears similarities to The Wild Nautical World of Diamond Baratta.

Barclay Butera Coastal Home
And here's a peek into Barclay Butera's home in Newport Beach, CA, via Traditional Home.

Barcley Butera at home
And an opulent coastal living room with British Colonial style in the mix.

Barclay Butera Coastal Interiors
Barclay Butera's book Living on the Coast, features different coastal style interiors from cottage to classic to modern.