13 Ship Wheel Wall Decor Ideas

13 ship wheel wall decor ideas that show a stylish spin on the old captain's wheel.

Ship Wheel Wall Decor Ideas

paint ship wheel
This ship wheel adds a nautical accent as well as a splash of color to the space. Via Coastal Vintage on Facebook.

A dining room enlivened by a turquoise ship's wheel. Via Traditional Home. To check out another turquoise painted ship wheel, click here.

painted ship wheel on wall
A white painted ship wheel wall decor idea for the bedroom. A thrift store find was given a Paint Makeover to blend in nicely with the overall color scheme. Featured here. A subtle and sophisticated ship wheel look, adding some dimension to the wall.

coastal cottage decor
Another ship wheel wall decor idea that is on the more subtle side. Take a tour of this California Cottage.

An authentic ship wheel is displayed on the wall along with nautical charts. See here.

nautical ship wheel authentic
A ship wheel with character can easily be the main focal point of a living room and be right up there as wall decor above the fireplace mantel. Featured here.

Gorgeous black ship wheel via Eldorado Stone.

Ship Wheel Christmas Wreath Idea with Lights
A great nautical Christmas wreath idea! Ship wheel decorated for Christmas seen on Instagram.

Barclay Butera uses a pair of ship wheels as wall decor above the sofa.

An eye-catching ship wheel wall decor idea for a kitchen by Christian Rice Architects, via Houzz.

Patio Wall Decor Ship Wheel
This ship wheel hangs on the wall of a covered patio. See this Coastal Patio Makeover

exterior decor with shipwheel
And a Seaside Florida home sports a ship wheel decor idea on an exterior wall, featured here.