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I'm enjoying my recently purchased starfish bowl a lot and thought I show a few other versions along with mine, including a DIY starfish bowl!

starfish bowl
The resin starfish bowl I bought for my living room is the perfect see through bowl to show off my Glass Floats! I'm loving it! You can purchase it at Ocean Offerings here. The vintage seascape painting I purchased from Ebay.

white resin starfish bowl
Or if you prefer it in white which goes with any style and feels very beachy, click here. And check out Kohl's White Resin Starfish Bowl too!

Silver Starfish Bowl
This Silvery Starfish Bowl from Pier 1's Collection is made from aluminum.

DIY starfish bowl knockoff
This is a fun knock off of a silver starfish bowl! It involves wire and toilet paper. For all the details, click here!

coastal Mariposa bowl
Very pretty. By Mariposa via Amazon.

coastal glass bowl
A lovely glass starfish bowl from Ocean Offerings.

ceramic starfish bowl picture
And a ceramic bowl from Coastal Style Gifts.

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