Seashell Art

If you have a large Seashell Collection and want to create seashell art that goes above and beyond, take a look at these creations.

seashell wallsSome people who want their homes decorated with seashells hire shell artists like Blott Kerr-Wilson to make these dreams come true. And Blott Kerr-Wilson takes seashell art to the walls as well as to the ceiling, creating intricate designs that remind you of historic seashell art and Victorian shellwork.

seashell artThinking of seashell art, most likely embellished home accessories such as boxes and mirror frames come to mind. But as you can see seashell art can cover any surface.

seashell vanityA seashell embellished vanity, seen at House Beautiful (source no longer available).

seashell art mirrorAn extensive seashell collection finds a purpose, decorating a bathroom with seashell art on the mirror and beyond. Seen at Country Living.

seashell covered bathroomAnother wow bathroom with seashell art. Beautifully laid patterns with large and small seashells. Large shells lend drama to transition points, such as corners. Tiny ones create texture. And medium ones, balance. Via Country Living. I think a small bathroom is the perfect place to try your hand at seashell art!

seashell artist Blott Kerr WislonAnd one more example of Blott Kerr Wilson's seashell art. The owner of this house has a great passion for Sailors Valentines, so they were incorporated into the seashell design.

seashell house in SpainOr take it outside like unstoppable Paco in Spain. His seashell art expanded over the years covering exterior walls. Paco collected all the shells himself.