The Art of Coquillage Shell Covered Decor, Walls & Furnishings

Did you know that covering things with shells is a practice called Coquillage? Here are some examples of beautiful coquillage shell decor.

Coquillage Shell Mirror

Coquille is the French word for shell and the art of Coquillage goes back to the Rococo period of 18th- century France when the shell motif was popular as a decoration. You can give almost anything a shell exterior. Frames, lamps, vases, furniture, even walls. Or Cover your entire House with Coquillage! It is sure a great way to use and Display your Seashell Collection.

Oyster Shell Picture Frame

Seashell Table Lamp
Original Source No Longer Available

Seashell Planter
Original source unknown.

Seashell Coquillage Table
Original source unknown.

Seashell Art Furniture Shell Designs

Shell Mosaic Bathtub
Original source unknown.

For a coquillage seashell decor project it is good to have a lot of smaller shells. You can create beautiful patterns with small shells. So look for those while strolling along the beach. When working on your coquillage, start with the larger shells if your design includes those. On something that doesn't lay flat such as a planter, you might want to arrange your design on a template before you glue the shells onto the surface. Or simply free style.