Its Called Coquillage -The Art of Attaching Shells to Objects

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Did you know that attaching shells to objects such as frames, mirrors or pieces of furniture is a practice called Coquillage? I didn't know! I heard about the name when I posted about the 2008 Beach Idea House here which has quite a collection of interesting examples of coquillage. Take a look!

Coquillage Sea Shell Art
Coquille is the French word for shell and the art of Coquillage goes back to the Rococo period of 18th- century France when the shell motif was popular as a carved decoration. In this picture you see a cute birdhouse distinguished by a shell exterior. You can also use coquillage as a way to Display a Seashell Collection!

This is something that I want to do -decorate the necks of a couple of bottles with tiny shells, then use them as vases. It's a simple and lovely idea.

Coquillage Lamp
Local Florida oysters were used to create a pair of shell encrusted table lamps in the guest room.

Seashell Mirror
A large shell encrusted mirror.

Coquillage Motif
And a picture frame by the bed is adorned with shells to carry the coquillage motif throughout the house. You can tour the entire house here. White Space White Space

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