Hot Historic Homes by the Sea

You might recognize some of these hot historic homes by the sea.

Crystal Cove Cottage
The Crystal Cove Cottages in California. Do you recognize this particular historic cottage by sea? It's cottage #13 from the movie Beaches (1988). The Crystal Cove cottages are part of the historic district within the nearly 3,000-acre Crystal Cove State Park. Once hideaways for the silent film industry (1920 -1930), 21 of the 46 dwellings have been restored for public use by the Crystal Cove Alliance and California State Parks.

Cottages Carmel by the Sea
Meet "Hansel" one of the 20 plus fairy-tale homes of Carmel, CA, that were built in the 1920's by Hugh Comstock (1893-1950) who had no previous building experience when he started out. Via Velvet & Linen.

Hawaii Plantation Home
A typical Hawaiian plantation style home which is basically a bungalow with a covered porch and corrugated metal roof. The bungalows were built by sugar plantation owners to house their 400,000 plus workers that came to the islands from different countries (China, Portugal, Japan, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Okinawa, Korea) between 1852 and the end of World War II.

Oak Bluff Victorian Cottage
Sweet as cake, decorated in sherbet colors and ornamented with gingerbread trim. The Victorian cottages of Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha's Vineyard (MA). Most of the cottages were constructed upon tiny lots that once held family tents that were summer quarters for New England Methodists attending camp meetings.

Historic Conch Cottage
Key West (FL) harbors quite a few vintage structures, among them, the Conch Cottages that date back to the 1880s. They're simple wood houses that were once the residences for the spongers, wreck salvagers, and cigarmakers who filled the town back then. To read the full article go to Coastal Living.