9 Stunning Seashell Mosaic Fireplace Mantel Decor Ideas

Got lots of shells and a fireplace? Here are 9 stunning shell mosaic fireplace and fireplace mantel ideas to be inspired by.

Sea Shell Mosaic Fireplace Ideas
Elaborate sea shell mosaic idea that covers the entire fireplace from bottom to top by Old Seagrove Homes. If you like this shell fireplace idea, also check out this Shell Wall Above the Fireplace.

A mosaic is the art of creating images or patterns with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials, such as shells or shell pieces.

how to create shell mosaic
The owners shell collection is put on display in this cozy coastal cottage. A reminder of time spent on the beach.

shell mosaic fireplace
To create a shell mosaic is pretty straightforward. You simply hot glue shells to the surface of the fireplace mantel. In this case, it looks like the shells were set in plaster. I have also seen shell mosaic designs where grout was used to fill in gaps and openings between the shells. Via My Home Ideas.

DIY shell mosaic
It's best to begin an elaborate shell mosaic equipped with a plan. Lay everything out on a template before you take out the glue gun. This idea shows how you can achieve a dramatic look by creating a pattern over a mantel that's been painted. You don't have to cover the surface entirely. Via Coastal Living.

fireplace with shell art
Shell mosaic fireplace at Christie Brinkley's Home.

oyster fireplace
This fireplace mantel is completely covered with oyster shells. The texture is amazing. You might be able to pick up a bucket of oyster shells at your local seafood restaurant. Also seen at Coastal Living.

shell covered fireplace
And in this Shell Chic Cottage large scallop shells were neatly lined up. The fireplace mantel as well as the wall space above are covered with shells.

shell encrusted mantel shelves and frames
Jennifer Nicholson's Shell Encrusted Home features a shell mosaic fireplace mantel that shows off a great variety of beautiful shells.

Purple Living Room
Purple Coastal Living Room with a seashell fireplace mantel that complements the color scheme.

Seashell Mosaic Fireplace Mantel Idea
Seashell mosaic mantel in an old cottage, featured on House and Garden.

Coastal Fireplace
A coastal fireplace made of concrete embedded with stones, shells, and barnacles, collected from all over the world. Via House Beautiful.