Easy DIY Palm Leaf Wall Art Ideas

How to create chic palm leaf wall art.

DIY Palm Leaf Art Ideas
Here are three different ways you can create palm leaf wall art. Take each palm leaf project wherever your creativity guides you. Experiment with different arrangements, sizes, colors and decorative elements to make it uniquely your own!

Palm Leaf Art Idea with Spray Paint

Turn fresh or faux monstera, palm or fern leaves into textural fabric art with a handy trick for turning leftover chalk paint into DIY spray paint. Click on the links for the tutorials!

Painted Palm Leaves DIY Framed Wall Art Idea

Add pops of summer color with this DIY palm leaf project, made with faux palm leaves and acrylic paint. Painted palm leaves are then hot glued to a cardboard backing of simple wood frames.

Frame Faux Palm Leaves Easy Palm Leaf Tropical Wall Art Idea

Frame faux palm leaves as wall decor. It helps to have a frame that offers a little bit of room since most faux palm leaves are not perfectly flat. You can also frame Dried Palm Leaves, as well as Paper Palm Leaves.