Dried Palm Leaves, Fronds & Spear Palms for Home Decor

Dried palms are neutral florals with the perfect sandy beige aesthetic.

Dried Palm Leaf Leaves Fronds Spears Decor Idea

Have you ever thought of decorating with everlasting dried palm leaves, fronds and spear palms? They won't bring color to your space like Green Palm Leaves do, but they are perfect for the Sandy Beige Beach Aesthetic and a Coastal Neutral Theme. These natural and neutral beauties will also add texture and depth to your decor scheme. Dried palm leaves, fronds and spears look amazing in a vase or on the wall. Here are some examples how to decorate with dried palms and where to find them online.  

Dried Palms in Vase

You might find some broken off palm leaves in your own backyard or in your neighborhood that you can take home. Just let them dry out in the sun for a few days.

Coastal Decor Vignette with Dried Palm

Dried Palms Decorating Ideas

Dried Palms Wall Decor

While the wide fan-shaped dried palm leaves seem to be more popular to use, the long feather-like palm leaves are just as beautiful. Both types of dried palm leaves are on Display Above the Bed.

Tabletop Decorating Idea with Dried Palm Leaves Table Runner

Dried palm leaves can also be used to create a natural Coastal Table Runner for your Table Decor.

Dried Bleached Palm Leaves Dried Florals

Palm Leaf Shadow Box

Dried Palm Leaf in Shadow Box Idea

Dried Palms Everlasting Coastal Home Decor