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Wicker baskets are stylish storage solutions with a beach vibe. Made from rattan, seagrass and other natural materials they bring lots of character and texture to the space. 

storage basket decorating ideas coastal styling
Wicker baskets come in many shapes and sizes. It's easy to find the ones that fit your decorating style as well as storage needs. From large wicker baskets to lidded wicker baskets that hide things away, to baskets with a pop of color.

Storage Idea with Wicker Baskets for Bedroom
Pottery Barn's large round wicker storage baskets with handles, seen at HGTV.

Coastal Entryway with console table housing a couple of large storage baskets by Caitlin Marie Design.

Seagrass Wicker Baskets

Lidded Wicker Baskets Can be Used as Side Tables

Wicker baskets with lids can be stacked and used as a side accent table anywhere in the home.

Coffee Table Wicker Basket Idea
Large wicker basket with lid used for storage under the coffee table. Featured here.

Nautical Baskets

You could make your own personalized embellishments for baskets too.

Utility Shelf Wicker Baskets from Potter Barn
These baskets are great for shelves.
Anchor Wicker Baskets

Organize with Wicker Baskets
Stay organized with wicker baskets. By Sylvia Cook Photography.

Shelf Wicker Baskets at Wayfair

Basket Storage Chests from Wayfair
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Wicker Baskets for Coffee Table
Decorating with wicker baskets is functional and beachy. Living room via BHG.

Wicker Basket Storage for Living Room
Simple wicker basket placed by the couch in Sandy Gingras' Jersey Shore Home.

Blue Wicker Basket
Add a little color with a wicker storage baskets. Seen in this Bedroom.

Whale Storage Basket with Lid

Shell Basket

Basket Planter Ideas
And lastly, Using Baskets as Planters seen at House Full of Summer. Not really storage but a nice way to bring wicker to a space.