Ceramic Sea Shell Vases & Seashell Planters

Get a lovely shell vase or seashell planter to display flowers, air plants, grasses, palm fronds and more.

Ceramic Shell Vases
Each of these shell vases is a sculpture that represents the sea.

Shell Vase
White shell vase with flower arrangement by Dorothy's Creative Designs.

Nautilus Shell Vase with Air Plant
An inspirational idea from Home Goods. A nautilus shell vase holds an Air Plant Display.

For fake and real plants.

White Shell Vase
Seashell vase flower arrangement by Lighthouse Interiors.

Ceramic Seashell Vases

Ceramic Shell Planter Blue Gray Coastal Accent

Seashell Vase with Palm Frond
Aluminum Shell Pitcher by Arthur Court is used as a vase for a Palm Frond. Seen at House Full of Summer.