Seashell Planters -Ideas and Tips how to Use them

Large cast seashells make stunning planters.

Shell Flower PlanterFill a large seashell with moss-covered foam, then add real or fake flowers. Via Country Living.

Sea Shell Planter Decor Ideas
Or take a shell and fill it with succulents planted in the appropriate kind of potting soil. Water sparingly and only when the soil is dry. Via Real Simple.

Flower Arrangement in Sea Shell Planter VaseChoose a sizable shell that sits securely when its opening faces upward. Begin by soaking a block of floral foam in water until saturated, usually a few minutes. The moist foam will then keep your arrangement fresh for 3 to 4 days. Via Martha Stewart.

Seashell PlanterUnlike most plants, this member of the bromeliad family, namely the Tillandsia Air Plant, absorbs nutrients through its leaves which means that it doesn't require any soil. An unusual feature that makes it ideal to be used in a seashell planter! Via Martha Stewart.