Nautical Decor Ideas and Designs by Phoebe Howard

Designer Phoebe Howard is widely recognized and her work has become synonymous with Southern style, with plenty of beach houses.

Nautical decor ideas by Phoebe Howard So let's see what Phoebe Howard loves when it comes to coastal theme decorating. Small model yachts.

Nautical wall decor ideas with model yachtsAnd large ones! To see more displays, go to Display Ideas for Model Yachts.

seashell mirror in bathroomSeashell mirrors in bathrooms.

shell vanity mirrorBrowse DIY Seashell Mirror Ideas.

plate collection decor ideasPlate collections with starfish.

plates with starfishOr use Decorative Sea Inspired Plates for wall decor.

sailfish decorAnd sailfish.

Phoebe Howard decor style