Nautical Decor Ideas and Designs by Phoebe Howard

Designer Phoebe Howard is widely recognized in the design world, and her work has become synonymous with Southern style, and she has decorated plenty of beach houses. So let's see what Phoebe Howard loves when it comes to coastal theme decorating.

Nautical decor ideas by Phoebe Howard
Small model yachts.

Nautical wall decor ideas with model yachts
And large ones! To see more displays, go to Display Ideas for Model Yachts.

seashell mirror in bathroom
Seashell mirrors in bathrooms.

shell vanity mirror
Browse DIY Seashell Mirror Ideas.

plate collection decor ideas
Plate collections with starfish.

plates with starfish
Or use Decorative Sea Inspired Plates for wall decor.

sailfish decor
And sailfish.

Phoebe Howard decor style

Phoebe Howard's decorating carrier began at 38 when she suggested to her husband that they open a furniture store. He designed the spaces, layouts, flooring and lighting, she created room vignettes, showing customers how to properly place furniture. This eventually led to an interior decorating project for a client which landed on the September 2006 cover of House Beautiful magazine. For the full article, click over to the Washington Post.

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