21 Nautical Rope Decor & Craft Ideas

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If Nautical Rope hasn't wrapped or weaved its way into your home decor scheme yet, it might, after looking at these inspirational rope decor and rope craft ideas.

rope decor ideas rope craft ideas
These rope decor ideas cover quite a broad spectrum, so I organized them by type, starting with the most popular version first.

Nautical Rope Decor Ideas

Wrap it with rope: Is there anything you can't wrap with rope?

rope crafts
Needless to say, rope wraps are extremely popular. Wrap a wreath with nautical rope and not only do you have a great looking wreath, but with some added detailing you can easily turn your Rope Wreath into a Life Preserver look alike.

nautical rope decor ideas
The sky is truly the limit to what you can spruce up with rope. Via Pinterest.

rope vase
Give a vase a nod to nautical with a rope wrap. You can find a few great examples here and here! Via Wunderweib.

pottery barn rope mirror
You can do all kinds of Rope Wraps for Mirrors. Via Pottery Barn.

rope chandelier
A great Chandelier Makeover.

rope table base
Heavy duty rope decor for a table base. Via Pinterest. The table top is a reclaimed door. And what a nifty hanging rope lamp.

rope table
Or go for it and wrap an entire Table with Rope! This is the Ikea Lack side table. And not to forget the fabulous Ballard Rope Spool Table.

rope lamp
Table lamps dressed in rope look gorgeous too! This is Martha Stewart's DIY Rope Lamp. Make sure to check out all the Rope Crafts with Eddie Ross too. His rope lamp is super chic. He also added rope trim to pillows, and created a lovely memo board with nautical rope and more. Rope decor can also cover up flaws.

Nautical Rope Craft Ideas

Rope crafts: Make something from scratch.

nautical rope craft ideas
House numbers for example! I spotted these on a rustic cottage at JJ Locations in Britain.

rope trivets
Roll it up and create handy rope trivets. Via Pinterest. The same concept works for small coasters too -use pre-cut cork circles to glue on the rope! Via House & Home.

rope garland
Make a coastal rope garland as featured on Beach Style Summer Mantels. For more rope garland ideas, click here. It's a post about using rope for Christmas decor, but some of the ideas work year round. So take a look! Via Finding Home.

rope monkey knot
Learn how to Tie the Monkey Fist Knot. These knots make great bookends and door stoppers.

rope crafts
A more extensive rope crafts! A gorgeous rope mat. Instructions are available on a PDF file at Karent's rope work (an Etsy store) here.

Artsy Rope Decor: Create rope art.

rope craft
Rope decor with dog toys from the Dollar Tree by Fake it Frugal. If you have collected rope on the beach, check out this Framed Rope Trash Art -it looks really good!

rope decor jar
Put some great looking Rope in a Jar for instant casual art.

coiled rope art
Or Coil Rope into one of a kind sculptures.

Hang it with rope: Use the strength of rope.

diy shelves
Have you seen all these creative Hanging Rope Shelves?

Beach Porch
Or how about hanging a porch swing with sturdy rope. Pretty fabulous, don't you think? What a great spot to chill. Featured here.

Replacement rope crafts and decor: What can you replace with nautical rope?

Dress up a dresser with rope handles for example. And this dresser is on a boat! You can take the tour at Aptartment Therapy.

rope curtain tie
Take off an ordinary curtain tie back and replace it with a Rope Tie Back for a rustic nautical twist. By Nicole Hollis Design. I have also seen a few great ideas how to hang curtains with rope, but that's for another post in the future.

rope towel holders
Martha Stewart's rope towel holder. I love this idea!

diy rope railing
And Rope Railings have become quite trendy too. I don't know about you but I happen to love the rugged look and laid-back feel of rope. White Space White Space

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