10 Coiled Rope Art Display Ideas

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Call it coiled rope art or the art of displaying Rope. Either way, I'm smitten by these chic display ideas.

rope display in table
Bold and modern, seen here.

coiled rope art
A sitting area in a bedroom featured in Lonny magazine. The perfect coil!

coiled rope decor
Coiled rope display in a Bedside Table at Pottery Barn.

rope art sculpture
A handmade Rope Art Sculpture at The Art of Doing Stuff.

rope coil in glass vase
A large round glass vase seems like the perfect vessel to hold and display a coiled heavy rope. Via House and Home.

rope in jar
I spoke too soon. Coiled rope in a robust vase has lots of nautical charm! Available at Our Boat House.

rope decor
Again Pottery Barn. They accessorized a photo shoot of Hurricane Vases with rope.

rope display
Aimee was inspired by Pottery Barn's rope display and created this artful vignette. You can see more of it on her blog It's Overflowing.

decorative coiled rope
And Pottery Barn had another decorative coiled rope idea up their sleeve. If you are the proud owner of Fishing Glass Floats, have one sit on a coiled rope and make it part of a tray vignette.

rope wrap around pots
And a rope wrap around pots, seen at Salvage Dior.

Rustic rope has established itself as a popular decor accent -see Nautical Summer Trends from High Point Market!
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