Watermelon Carvings -Tutorials for Fish, Ships & more

Carve a healthy snack or party conversation piece with these watermelon carving ideas and tutorials.

watermelon carvings
Watermelons make super cute fish.

watermelon shark
Here's a shark. A watermelon carving that would be perfect for a kids party.

watermelon boat
The shape of the watermelon also lends itself to carve out ships that you can decorate anyway you want.

watermelon carving beach bucket
Or carve a watermelon beach bucket. And did you know that watermelons are cousins to pumpkins? In the U.S., watermelons are available year-round. Domestic watermelons are available from April until November, with peak production in May, June, July, and August.

Learn how to carve watermelons at Watermelon.org

Flip Flops Watermelon Carving Cake
A great twist on a watermelon carving. Watermelon Flip Flops dressed up as a cake.

4th of July Melon Sailboat Idea
And for a 4th of July celebration, carve a water melon sailboat with a number 4 on the sail. Idea featured on Pottery Barn's Blog.