Fun Beach Party Foods for Summer & Birthdays

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Fun and decorative beach party foods. They're cute & clever. Everyone will love them!

These fun beach theme foods sure are entertaining and perfect for a beach theme summer party, or a beachy birthday party anytime of the year.

beach party foods
Let's start with Cris' Beach Party that she threw for her husband's birthday. Sweet and salty treats were served.

fun crab croissant
Including the crabby croissants from Family Fun. Baby carrots form the legs and the claws are red bell peppers. Pop over to Cris' blog to check out all the other beach party foods she put on the table.

Flip Flop Sandwiches
Adorable flip flop sandwiches. Via Pretti Mini. The sandwiches were created with flip flop Cookie Cutters.

fun goldfish party food
At Willis Wonderland Goldfish are diving into an ocean of blue food colored onion dip.

fun pepper octopus dip
And how cute is this crunchy Dip. Also via Family Fun. Who knew that a Bell pepper could have a life as an octopus.

deviled egg boats
One more idea from Family Fun. Deviled Egg Boats.

zucchini boats
Then, Zucchini boats from the free downloadable book A Very Veggie World. You'll find the recipe there. The filling includes couscous and the sails are made of carrots.

Carrot Palm Tree with Green Peppers
Serve carrot and pepper palm trees on ice for a refreshing vegetable snack. By Cute as a Fox, original source unknown.

pineapple fried rice
Tropical with an Asian twist. Classic Thai Pineapple Fried Rice. Jasmine rice is fried up with chunks of pineapple, cashews, and veggies. Sounds yummy and looks great.

melon fish
The most delightful fruit kabob. It is the star of this Under the Sea Party.

fruit arranged as palm trees
Tropical fruit creations make for a healthy beach party snack. Original source of image unknown.

sail skewers
Yummy bites on sail skewers at Pizzazzerie for a 4th of July party.

sweet summer party food
And for an easy beach theme cookie treat, try Sand Dollar Cookies. All you need is refrigerator Pillsbury sugar cookie dough and a bag of slivered almonds.

Flip Flop Cookie
Or how about cute Flip Flop Cookies as a Party Dessert. Simply add strips to oval shaped cookies with Icing. The sandcastles was made by Packing Brown Sugar into a Sand Castle Mold.

Sand Castle Cake Recipe
Make a Sandcastle Cake for the beach enthusiast. Works for a birthday and a beach summer party. Also see Sand Castle Centerpieces where you will find another recipe. White Space

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