Making Sea Cookies & Decorating with Icing Tutorials

How to make sea theme cookies with icing. These cookies are yummy and decorative, and they make perfect gifts too.

sea cookies
These sea cookies are little works of art, made by Sweet Sugar Belle. Here is the Basic Sugar Cookie Recipe.

Sea Theme Cookie Cutters

decorating cookies with icing
Now let's get the basics on how to decorate the cookies with icing. First up, Sweet Sugar Belle's Starfish Cookies. Different colored icing is used. You begin the process by outlining the cookie with the darker piping icing. The outline is purposefully made squiggly.

starfish cookie with icing
Once the cookie is outlined you let it dry completely. Then you apply flood icing. After that, sprinkle with gold sanding sugar. Timing is important here. You want the icing tacky enough that the sugar sticks.

seahorse cookies
The Sweet Sugar Belle's Seahorse Cookies are decorated with blue icing.

decorating with icing tutorial for cookies

blue seahorse cookies with icing

The Sweet Sugar Belle's Sand Dollar Cookies require nothing more than a round cutter and white icing.

decorating cookies with icing
These sea cookies add festivity to any table.