Making a Coastal American Flag

Make a coastal theme American Flag for your wall. 

Wooden American Flag with Shells and Rope
Wooden American flag made with rope and shells. Seen in a Beach Cottage Home by Tracey Rapisardi.

American flag made with pallet wood
This coastal American flag uses one single starfish. Via The Southern State of Mind.

flag with starfish
Coastal American Flag featured here.

coastal American flag
Light blue paint is used for this coastal American flag. Made by The Lettered Cottage.

American coastal flag
More starfish and an added rope accent spelling out america on this Coastal Flag.

American Flag with rope and shells
Use shells from the beach to mimic the stars. Seen at Tidy Mom.

nautical flag
If you love anchors, this photo by Maria Dryfhout might inspire you to paint an anchor on your coastal American flag.

American Flag made from Fencing and Oyster Shells
An American flag made from fencing and an Oyster Shell Wreath was used as an alternative to the stars. To learn all about this American flag project, go to Eclectically Vintage.

Use this idea to create an American flag from shells. Mount on a wood board or canvas. Original source unknown.

American flag on the beach
Via Cape Cod Beach Chair Company.