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I've never found an intact sand dollar nor starfish at the beach. What do you do? Buy them made of resin!

Resin Sand Dollars and Starfish
If you buy resin sand dollars and resin starfish, as well as coral, you are not supporting commercial harvesting of sea life (that feels good to me). Plus, these life like sand dollars and starfish are sturdy and will last forever -that's a big plus!

Sand Dollars Resin

I found a few great options for faux resin sand dollars and starfish (as well as coral) in Kohl's Sonoma Life Style Collection. I'm loving the Faux Sand Dollars!

Blue Starfish Resin
The Faux Blue Starfish are simply lovely. And Shop All Faux Starfish -from white life like resin starfish to iron cast starfish in delicious colors!

Decorating ideas for sand dollars and starfish:
Use them as Table Top Decor, Vase Fillers, Make a Garland with them, Hang Starfish Creatively, or turn them into Ornaments!

Sea Foam Coral
And I also found this nice Faux Coral in sea foam at Kohl's. For many More Faux Coral Go Here! Faux looks fabulous!

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