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Artificial / Faux Corals for Decor

Faux coral sculptures are just as beautiful as the real thing!

blue coral decor

As beautiful as real sea life is, be it shells, coral or other forms, if you buy it in stores, you have to think about where it comes from and how it's harvested, often that's not a pretty picture. I know some of you are already avoiding anything that's harvested from the sea and ripped from a reef. So here are some sources for artificial / faux coral decor, available in many different colors, shapes and sizes.

faux white coral
Caron's Beach House carries a variety of Faux Coral Sculptures in white, as well as colors, on stands and self standing.

Self Standing White Coral
Self Standing White Corals at Wayfair.

Red Coral Sculpture
Faux Coral from Pier 1 in different colors. Red is stunning!

Blue and White Coral Statues
Faux Coral Statues at Pottery Barn include blue and white coral statues on glass stands.

A Large Selection of Faux Coral at Wayfair. Different shapes and sizes of coral sculptures in white, red, blue, indigo, teal, even gold and silver!

Coral Candle Holder
And Kohl's Decorative Coral Collection includes a white coral sculpture that has a space for a small candle!

Another option is to purchase coral decor from aqua culture farms. Look for outlets in your area that exclusively sell corals from culture farms. And ask the sales person about the source of their corals to make sure you are not buying those which are harvested from the sea.

Coral reefs cover a very small part of the ocean, less than 1 percent. But they contribute hugely to the sustenance of ecosystems needed in the oceans, attracting and supporting diverse sea life. Protecting coral reefs is a critical environmental issue. For more information read the article at Beach House Living.
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michelle said...

Great post and great info! I love the faux corals, they look so real.
Happy World Oceans Day!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You always find the most beautiful items for decorating our homes! I've not taken an interest in the 'faux' items but now I will! Thanks for giving us another way of looking at things! Happy World Oceans day, my friend! Enjoy your day...are you TAN yet? ♥

simone said...

Happy world oceans day Maya! Great post and so true. I stick to sea treasures that the ocean washes up for me:)

Love of the Sea said...

I love faux coral. And until recently, I was not educated about the harvesting of real coral...and how that I am - I will not buy real coral again.

Lindsay-ann said...

Happy Oceans Day and thank you for visiting my blog today. Thanks also for the link, the book is now on my reading list, it looks great.
I have fallen in love with your blog and everything featured on it. I will be back soon to read more. The faux corals are beautiful. My daughter has a friend called 'Coral' such a pretty name too. You must visit Dorset next time you are in England. St Ives is gorgeous too especially in summer. I hope to visit New England one day.

Della said...

These are beautiful faux coral, some of the best I've seen. Normally, I don't like fakes, but in this case I'm flexible...anything to protect the reefs is great with me. I love picking up pieces of coral on the beach, and when I get a few more of them they will make a pretty display.

A whole month in Miami, you lucky lady! Enjoy it! Happy World Oceans Day Maya!

Jane said...

I appreciate faux coral. Some of these examples look so real... It really bothers me when I see REAL coral in shell shops. Yes, I know the "real thing" is beautiful, but I hate knowing it was stripped from natural reefs... It's always a bonus when I find bits of coral on the beach...
Jane (artfully graced)

ps Enjoy your Miami stay...

Stitchfork said...

Love the one on the crystal base!
xo Cathy

beachcomber said...

i'd like some faux coral..much better to protect our vanishing reefs.
cheryl x

Sherri said...

I think I love the white the best! Such beauty!

Shellbelle said...

I LOVE the ocean, I LOVE faux coral and I LOVE you for telling folks where to buy it and for telling them to think about where all that sea life in the shops comes from. Kudos to you Maya for this fabulous post!

Happy World Oceans Day Maya and may the world have many more to come for centuries and centuries!


Marie said...

Happy World Ocean Day! Didn't know there was an Ocean Day now, but we're lucky to be able to appreciate the beautiful ocean around us everyday! Did you move to Miami recently Maya?

Lili said...

Such really pretty examples, hard to tell they are faux! ~Lili

Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

Marie -I'm in Miami Beach just for a getaway!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Fabulous Maya.. I'v always loved coral but knowing how precious our reef here in aus is.. I can't bring myself to buy it,. yet this faux variety could be the answer..

I must check out your holiday location.. I'm always hoping for a sea view when I travel.. Have fun.. ciao xxx Julie

Pearl Maple said...

great examples of how we can capture the feeling of sea with out having to pick out of the water