Sea Glass Chandeliers Made with Zillions of Hand Collected Seaglass Pieces

Labor of love seaglass chandeliers, made with hundreds and thousands of collected seaglass pieces.

seaglass chandelier
This impressive eight armed sea glass chandelier is constructed with recycled materials and thousands of hand collected seaglass pieces, just like this stunning sea glass chandelier featured on Wire Wrap Beach Sea Glass. Original source no longer available.

sea glass chandelier in dining room
The chandelier is mounted in the dining room and the colors of the interiors were selected from the colors of the sea glass. The picture is captured from the living room. The framed image is the blue print for the chandelier, a piece of art in itself.

sea glass chandelier made with reclaimed materials
The sea glass chandelier weighs over 70 pounds.

blue print for chandelier in Adobe illustrator
The hand rendered blue prints diagram the detail of both, the lighting fixture as well as the composition of each sea glass strand.

DIY Seaglass Hanging Lamp Chandelier
Sea glass chandelier made from years of beach walking, seen on Beach House Treasure Facebook Group.