Sea Glass Chandelier Made with Thousands of Hand Collected Seaglass Pieces

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Check out this seaglass chandelier masterpiece. It consists of over 8,750 hand collected seaglass pieces!

seaglass chandelier
I was wowed by the sea glass chandelier featured on Wire Wrap Beach Sea Glass, this is another stunning creation. Made by Thomas Troisch of Troublefish, this impressive eight armed sea glass chandelier is constructed with recycled materials and thousands of hand collected seaglass pieces.

sea glass chandelier in dining room
The chandelier is mounted in the dining room and the colors of the interiors were selected from the colors of the sea glass. The picture is captured from the living room. The framed image is the blue print for the chandelier, a piece of art in itself.

sea glass chandelier made with reclaimed materials
The sea glass chandelier weighs over 70 pounds.

blue print for chandelier in Adobe illustrator
The hand rendered blue prints (in Adobe Illustrator) diagram the detail of both, the lighting fixture as well as the composition of each sea glass strand -sea glass color chart with names included! Color labels, starting from the top (A) are, Cola, Root Beer, Olive, Emerald Green, Pine Green, White, Deep Ice, Aqua, and Cobalt. "Rooted in the opulence of old-world design, the strict use of reclaimed materials and hardware embodies the essence of recycling and sustainability," Troisch says.

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

These are so amazing! I would just sit there and gaze at them all the time!

Sue (Someones Mom) said...

I have never seen anything like this. It is truly a piece of worthy. Gorgeous!

Lili said...


An Island Mom said...

There's something to add to my bucket list of DIYs! :)

Thomas Troisch said...

this is Thomas.... just came across this article, thanks so much for the exposure and admiration... it was truly a labor of love. the piece did not survive the move from Seattle to Savannah as is... i have since rebuilt it adding actual Pacific drift wood accents around the base - it looks very clean now. contact me at if you want updates! also, I've completed a few more on commission to Europe as well as making some with silver plated mussel shells.

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