Make a DIY Round Rope Mat or Rug -Depending on how Ambitious You Are

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Rope has a nautical vibe and brings a great rustic natural touch to the home. I've featured dozens of Rope Projects and Decor Ideas here on Completely Coastal. Now we're venturing into mat and rug making!

rope mat

Round rope rugs that you can use in an entry way, in between spaces, by the balcony door, or anywhere you see fit.

What you'll need for this DIY round rope mat (or rug) is rope in the thickness you want. If you are planing on making a rope rug (scroll down), perhaps you can purchase rope on a spool. Other materials are a sharp knife, silicone adhesive and a dense heavy duty fabric or cloth, and needle and thread for stitching the edges of your fabric circle(s).

round rope rug diy

how to make a rope rug
Cut out a circle and stitch the edges. Roll the rope into a ring, holding your hand in the center. Once you reached the desired diameter of your rope circle, spread the silicone adhesive, then glue on the fabric backing.

large circle rope rug
Now simply extend the idea of a round rope mat to create an entire rug by attaching rope circles to each other. You could also use colored rope. For more inspiration, check out these Round Jute Rugs.
I found this great rope project here, but I believe the original source is Murator, a home improvement magazine from the Ukraine. White Space White Space

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