How to Make a Nautical Rope Bowl | DIY Tutorial

The same way Make a Seaglass Bowl, you make a rope bowl. It is so neat.

How to Make DIY Rope Bowl Tutorial
In a nutshell. You can take any bowl you have as the base for your rope bowl. You simple place the bowl upside down, cover it with plastic wrap, apply glue, then adhere the rope around the bowl, starting from the lower (wider) part. For this rope bowl a mix of water & Vinavil Glue (Amazon) was used.

Shop Thick Rope
From Rustic Rope to Colorful Cotton Rope.

DIY Jute Rope Bowl Painted Turquoise

Rope is easy to paint, so you can give your rope bowl a colorful design. Or make your bowl from colorful thick cotton rope as sold at Walmart.