18 Coastal Garland Ideas & Nautical Garlands

A coastal garland might just be the perfect add on to your decor!

Coastal Garland Ideas
Here are some ideas for a coastal garland. Some of these coastal garlands can be purchased while others are for inspiration and DIY. A garland is a versatile decoration that can be added to your home decor in a variety of ways. A garland can be draped along a shelf or a Fireplace Mantel, be a Table Centerpiece, or you could casually display a coastal garland in a large flat bowl or a tray, just to name a few decor ideas. Also, you can add any garland to your Christmas Decor!  

Sea Shell Garland Decor Ideas

Shell Beads Garland

Blue Glass Beads Garland

Oyster Garland

Starfish Garland Idea

String Faux Starfish into a garland as seen above, or embellish with beads, for example. Starfish garland from Sea to Land Designs can be purchased with faux or real starfish. 

Starfish Garland for Coastal Christmas Decor

Add any garland to your Christmas decor. Draping a garland alongside the fireplace mantel is a classic.

Coastal Garland Ideas for Stairs

Oyster Shell Bead Garland

Nautical String Light Glass Float Garland
Shells | Nautical | Seaglass | Starfish & Others

Any decorative string light can be draped like a garland, especially when battery operated.

decorative rope for Christmas mantel
From rope garland ideas to cone trees.

Driftwood Garland
Original image source no longer available.

Mini Buoy Garland

Nautical Buoy Garland Outdoors
Buoy garland for curb appeal draped over the entrance railing, seen at Simply Burtons on Etsy.

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