14 Pottery Barn Tabletop Decor Ideas | Coastal Table Settings for Entertaining & Centerpiece Inspiration

Chic coastal style tabletop decor ideas from Pottery Barn. 

Coastal Table Settings and Entertaining by Pottery Barn Inspiration
Pottery Barn's distinct interior decor style also shows in their tabletop decor stylings. Pottery Barn's candle lanterns are a staple when it comes to setting the ambiance for a coastal theme tabletop. Their simple natural woven table runners and place mats are also seen often. They use decorative coastal accessories such as natural grasses, palm leaves, glass floats, clam shell bowls, shells and coral statues to create the seaside and ocean vibe. Pottery Barn's tabletops are a mix of bold and soothing coastal style! 

Some ideas you can use as inspiration for coastal entertaining, other ideas can be used as inspiration for a more permanent tabletop centerpiece for your dining table.

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