Wicker Rattan Basket Pendant Lights | DIY & Shop

Charming natural wicker pendant lights for the coastal style home.

Wicker Pendant Lights
The natural feel of Wicker Baskets complements the coastal beach decor theme perfectly. Here are some ideas, shopping sources and a DIY tutorial for wicker basket pendant lights.

Natural Rattan Light Pendant

Basket Pendant Lights from Ikea
Rattan basket pendant lights from Ikea (no longer available) in a relaxed kitchen with a beach vibe. Via Remodelaholic.

Beachy Blue Basket Hanging Light Pendant in Kitchen
Blue basket hanging light pendant in an Australian beach house. Via Homes to Love. I love the beachy blue. Hard to find online, but it's not too difficult to make a basket pendant (see below), then you simply paint your basket any color you want. Dip Dye could be fun too.

Wicker Pendant Hanging Lights

Basket Ceiling Hanging Pendant Light Above Dining Room Table

How to Make a Basket Pendant Light | Tutorial