Beach & Nautical String Lights to Set a Coastal Mood

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Besides Coastal Candle Lanterns and Tiki Torches, you can set a wonderful beachy mood for your outdoor or indoor space with beach and nautical theme string lights. For summer time or during the Christmas holiday season.

Shell String Lights

Create a beachy ambiance with coastal and nautical string lights. You can hang string lights anywhere in your home, along a curtain for example. Wrap string lights around a railing, drape them over the table or mantel, coil them in a glass vase, or use them for your Christmas tree. No matter what the season, these charming coastal, beach and nautical theme string lights will highlight and enchant your space.

Coastal Beach Theme String Lights

Starfish String Lights
Woven of rattan, these string lights allow just the right
amount of ambient light to shine through.

Beach Party String Lights

Nautical String Lights
Twine wrapped nautical string lights inspired by Fishing Glass Floats.

Lighthouse String Lights

Beach Theme String Lights

Palm Tree String Lights
For everyone who loves to chill out, enjoying a tropical ambiance.

Illuminate your summer nights and/or the holiday season with beach and nautical string lights, and you will hear the sound of ocean waves, no matter where you reside! White Space

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