10 Ways How to Use Rope to Decorate for Christmas

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With a little decorative Rope (or a lot!) you can create a natural Christmas Holiday ambiance with a beachy relaxed nautical vibe. So here are 10 ways how to use rope to decorate for Christmas!

decorative rope for Christmas mantel

Rope looking chic as a garland, draped over the fireplace mantel with greenery. The entire fireplace is not bad either -all covered in oyster shells! Seen on Christmas Decorating Ideas at Coastal Living.

decorative rope on Christmas banister
A decorative rope with ribbons adorns a banister for a Coastal Themed Christmas.

green nautical wreath with rope
Using a boat rope tied with a Sailor's Knot on a wreath. Featured on Christmas Wreath Ideas -Green and Simple. Via Coastal Living.

rope garland around Christmas tree
A rope garland around a Nautical Christmas Tree. Source unfortunately unknown.

rope garland with lights
I still think this DIY light rope garland is a brilliant idea, featured on Indoor Christmas Lights Ideas.

cone trees with rope twine
Or how about making a few fun rope cone trees! You could create a similar winter wonderland vignette as shown on 10 Great Natural Driftwood Christmas Decorations (see driftwood cone trees). To make the cones, use cardstock paper, trim off one of the corners and twist it into a cone. For all the details, click here!

rope ornament
Give some ornaments a new look with a Rope wrap! Featured on 12 Homemade Xmas Ornaments. Via Bower Power.

clear ornaments filled with rope
Or fill a few clear glass ornaments with decorative rope. Original source no longer available. Featured on 12 Homemade Xmas Ornaments.

Filled ornaments are amongst the Most Popular Christmas Ornament Crafts Ever!

rope gift wrap
Then, think Gift Wrap! Do a simple wrap, and create variety by quadrupling your decorative rope (twine).

rope knot gift wrap
Or learn how to Make a Maritime Knot Accent with your decorative rope! Love the wrapping paper and tag? They're available as free downloads at Hey Look. White Space White Space

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