Cute Beach Sand Ornaments and DIY Tutorial

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Want to play with sand? I found a few cute beach sand ornaments, including a DIY tutorial. Reach for your Beach Sand Collection, or click on store links -many of these sand ornaments are available for purchase.

beach sand ornament
Sand Ornaments by Creative Artworks. Real beach sand is used by the artist to create and mold each beach ornament. Coastal Gifts, where you also find a great selection of Sand Ornaments, explains the technique: "Sand casting is an age-old art form which begins by pressing an object into the sand. The impression that remains is filled with plaster, then cures for several days. The result is a three dimensional ornament with sand as its coating." To see how this is done, click Beach Craft with Sand Plaster Mold!

sand ornament tutorial
Each little Grain of Beach Sand is visible on this anchor ornament! To make this Sand Ornament, draw an anchor on wax paper, then glue on sand. Once dry, the wax paper can be peeled off. Pretty cool. Click on the link for the detailed tutorial.

nautical sand ornaments
I suppose you could also just glue sand to cardboard cut outs! Beach Sand Ornaments from Seaside Inspired.

beach sand ornament snow flake
The Holidays collection at Beach Grass Shop includes lovely Snow Flake Sand Ornaments made with sand from Maine beaches.

beach sand snowflakes
The original concept for Beach Sand Snowflakes was created in 2003 by Cape Cod artist Kellie Quinn!

round sand ornaments
Sand ornaments by Beach Scapes by Tracey. Little bits and pieces were glued onto the sand to create mini beach scenes.

sand ball ornaments
These are made of glass, stucco concrete blend and, of course, beach sand. By Carriage Oak Cottage.

sand glued on ball ornament
This little beach sand ornament starts with a basic blue ball. Paint on bands of glue and pour beach sand onto the glue. Dab a bit of glue onto the small shells, press into sand around the middle band, and let dry. Via BHG.

sand filled clear ornaments
And the most popular Christmas Ornament Crafts, filled clear glass ornaments! Simply use sand from your favorite beach, or beach vacation. These have the dates of the trip written on them and make the cutest souvenir ornaments. Via Pinterest.

For more ideas, use the Completely Coastal Christmas Holiday Inspiration and Shopping Guide! White Space White Space

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