Christmas Decorating with Fishing Glass Floats as Ornaments

How to use Fishing Gass Floats during the Christmas Holiday season.

Christmas decorating for table with glass floats
Most fishing glass floats come in shades of green and green/blue which is perfect for Christmas. Lovely Christmas table setting by Urban Orchard Interiors.

Christmas vignette with glass float
This cute tub with fishing glass float sits on the floor and is part of the Coastal Christmas Tree at Sand and Sisal.

glass floats in bowl
Mini glass floats with netting in a bowl, seen at Pottery Barn.

glass float balls
Fishing Glass Floats in a festive setting with candle lights. You could also create this vignette using Christmas string light.

Christmas clam bowl with glass floats
A at Dixie Delights you find a Christmas clam bowl with glass floats on the porch.

A coastal Christmas set up on the porch by The Christmas Cart UK. The Festive Christmas Dinner Setting includes Glass Float Ornaments that are backlit by String Lights

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