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Include the sea on your Christmas tree with beautiful net glass float ornaments, reminiscent of Glass Floats once used to keep fishing nets afloat.

Glass Float Ornaments
Make yourself a bunch of glass float ornaments or shop them online!

Rope Net Glass Float Tree Ornaments
Inspired by the red glass floats on a Christmas tree featured at Zara HomeDecoholic made their own net glass ornaments. All you need to make net glass float Christmas ornaments is ball ornaments, twine and scissors.

Homemade DIY Glass Float Ornament
By making the glass float ornaments yourself, you can pick any color you want. Authentic Floats are green and blue-ish, but no matter what color, glass float ornaments with netting will always have coastal appeal.

Clear Glass Float Ornament
A glass float ornament from Pottery Barn's Christmas Ornament Collection from a previous year. The ornament is finished off with a rope wrap.

Glass Float Net Tree Ornaments
DIY glass float ornaments submitted by a reader.

DIY Rope Net Ornament
Another idea comes from Sand and Sisal, featured here. This glass float ornament was created with Decorative Fishing Net.

Homemade Mini Glass Float Ornaments
Mini glass float ornaments made by Sharon Ojala. Perfect to hang on a Mini Tree.

Where to Buy Glass Float Ornaments

Buying Guide for Glass Float Christmas Tree Ornaments

Nautical Christmas Swag with Fishing Glass Float Ornament
Nautical Christmas with fishing glass ornaments see at Coastal Living. The sturdy, deep, blue-green branches of Fraser Firs won't sag under the weight of large glass float ornaments.

And a net glass float ornament is part of a festive Christmas swag in a home by Jamie Merida Design, featured on Coastal Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas (table with oyster shell tree). See all Christmas Decorating Ideas with Glass Floats.

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