Make Salt Dough Ornaments for a Beach Theme Christmas Table

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I love the look of Salt Dough Sea Life, and salt dough ornaments are perfect for a relaxed beach theme Christmas.

beach theme Christmas table with salt dough ornaments
Use salt dough ornaments to decorate your Christmas table, tree, garland or add to a gift box. It's a great last minute project for the whole family! This project is posted on The Blue Shed where you can find all the details.

how to make salt dough ornaments
The formula to make salt dough starfish is pretty simple. Use 1 cup flour, 1/2 a cup salt and 1/2 a cup water, and mix together. Cut shapes (using starfish cookie cutters or other coastal themes) and bake for 40 min at 100/200 degrees. Just make sure to watch the temperature. If your oven is too hot the dough will crack. And if you plan to hang your salt dough ornaments on the tree, poke holes into them. Also, you can finish salt dough ornaments with a little paint and/or glitter. And to make them last for years to come, seal them with thin layers of polyurethane gloss varnish.

Remember, shells and sea life sold in stores are harvested alive for decor purposes only. Please consider making your own Faux Sea Life or buy artificial creatures! White Space White Space

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