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Add rustic beach charm to a space with driftwood garlands. DIY & Shop.

driftwood garland
Driftwood garlands are simply made from sea washed twigs that are strung together. From Maison du Monde catalog 2012.

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Driftwood Garland in Bedroom
Driftwood garland from Target.

driftwood garland decor idea
A driftwood garland draped around a ladder shelf. Original source unknown.

driftwood decor ideas
Hang from a curtain rod. Seen at West Elm.

wall decor with driftwood
Create a horizontal display. Seen at Buckets of Burlap.

driftwood fireplace mantel
Use a long driftwood garland along the fireplace mantel. Via Gracious Spaces.

driftwood mantel decor
Another idea how you can make a beautiful driftwood garland part of your mantel decor. The driftwood pieces are white washed. Via Two Story Cottage, featured here.

driftwood garland bathroom
Natural Driftwood in the Bathroom helps create a spa-like feeling. Design by Michael Moeller.

driftwood curtain tie back
Use a driftwood garland as a curtain tie back. Spotted at Urban Farmhouse.

driftwood garland table centerpiece
Run a driftwood garland along the tabletop as a centerpiece. Via Style me Pretty.

Front Door Driftwood Garland
Or take a driftwood garland outside, and hang it next to your Front Door. For the tutorial, head over to The Wicker House.

How to Make a Driftwood Garland

To make a driftwood garland is as simple as can be. Drill holes into the center of your sticks, then string them up. Make sure to use a strong cord that will last. To hold it all on the bottom, make a knot or add a finishing touch with a bead or anything else you'd like. Do the same if you want to create spaces in between sticks! You can also make your driftwood garland shorter -it'll still be pretty! And should you not have access to driftwood at all, below are a few sources where to buy.

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