How to Write a Sea Quote on Glass

Write a favorite sea quote on glass picture frame, glass jar, a ceramic plate and other objects.

how to write on glass
To write on glass is as simple as writing on paper. You use a pen. A Glass Paint Pen that is. Print out your quote, place it behind the glass, and trace it. Just remember to reverse the glass so that your quote will be on the inside of the frame. Best thing about writing your quote on glass; you can change out the picture and keep the quote. For all the details, head over to Tried and True.

write on glass frame with glass paint pen
This Floating Glass Frame includes a red anchor that was traced onto the glass and painted out. This creates great dimension. In this case the glass was placed in the oven to dry at 325 degrees. For the tutorial follow the link. Also good to know, smudges can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.

write on ceramic with glass paint pen
Glass paint pens work on ceramics just the same. Bake them to make them dishwasher safe. To learn all about this project, head over to 30 Minute Crafts. Check out my collection of Beach Quotes and Ocean Quotes on Pinterest -you just might find a quote that speaks to you.