Bathtub Ideas -Boat Bathtubs, Tubs with Stencils, Painted and more

Unique bathtub ideas that make a coastal statement. Boat bathtubs, tubs with stencils and stickers, painted tubs and more.

boat bathtub
Ready to jump into a unique bathtub?

boat bath tub
A boat bathtub might help you relax as you imagine yourself gliding over smooth ocean waters. Most boat bathtubs are designer tubs and custom constructed. So this experience is top dollar. Via Elle Decor.

stencilled bathtub
Subtle and soothing. A Nautical Style Bathtub via House to Home with a stencilled school of fish.

decorated bathtub with sticker
This Beach Inspired Bathtub at HGTV is decorated with Peel-and-Stick Coastal Stencils.

bathtub with portholes
This unique bathtub design idea gives new meaning to Portholes for the Bathroom. Previously here.

blue bathtub
White is by far the most popular choice for a bathtub. But how about a deep sea blue coated tub? Via Elle Decor.

If a soothing beachy ambiance is what helps you relax, then pastel blue bathtub might be the perfect color choice, as seen in this Seaside Bathroom.

blue bath tub tile surround
A more traditional way of adding sea colors to a bathtub is with a tile surround. Lovely and classy. Seen in Southern Accent's 2006 Beach Showhouse in Florida.