Paint It Bright Blue! Home Decor Ideas from Bottles to Floors

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Bright blue represents the sea and the sky. It's a color with a wide open feel. It's the color most used in beach, coastal and nautical decor. So take out the brush and paint it bright blue! Here are some of my favorite blue painted home decor ideas!

Blue Painted Bottles

Blue painted bottles by Flea Market Trixie. Three colors of spray paint where use to create this graduating look.

Blue Painted Bathroom Floor
Bring the summer sea to your Bathroom or Porch by painting the floor bright blue! Maybe a bit daring (and you do need a wood floor for this), but the result is stunning and fresh. Via BHG.

Blue Painted Stair
Got a staircase in your home? Check out all these Blue Painted Stairs! They are delicious! Via Apartment Therapy How to Paint Floors.

blue painted oars
Blue Painted Oars that you can Hang or lean anywhere to add a little splash!

Blue Painted Life Preserver
Paint an old Life Preserver Ring bright blue. Use it to decorate the porch. This will add a fun nautical touch to your Outdoor Space! Seen at Coastal Vintage.

Blue Painted Cabinet Nautical
Of all the Furniture Makeovers, dressers (and cabinets) are my favorite. They are so versatile. You can use them in different rooms, and there are a zillion ways how you can Transform a Dresser with Blue Paint. To learn more about this blue paint makeover, visit Sand and Sisal.

Blue Painted Front Door
And another favorite idea. Paint the Front Door Blue! White Space

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