Light Pale & Bright Blue Paint Ideas for the Coastal Home | Walls, Furniture, Floors & more

Paint it light bright blue. The color most used in beach, coastal and nautical decor. Here are some favorite blue paint home decor ideas for coastal living.

Blue painted living room idea with coastal art & floating coral shelves from Wisteria, featured here.

Blue Painted Bathroom Floor
Bring the sea to your Bathroom or Porch by painting the floor bright blue. Via BHG.

Large Ocean Beach Art Framed above Sofa
A soothing living room with blue painted ceiling, featured on Focal Point Ocean Art.

Blue Painted Stair
If you have a staircase in your home, check out these Blue Painted Stairs. They are gorgeous. Via Apartment Therapy How to Paint Floors.

Painting Back of Bookcase Cabinet Blue Idea
Infuse coastal blue by Painting the Back of a Bookcase or Cabinet.

Blue Painted Cabinet Nautical
Think Furniture Makeover. You could Transform a Dresser with Blue Paint. By Sand and Sisal.

blue painted oars
Give decorative coastal home decor accessories a coat of blue paint. Blue Painted Oars that you can Hang or lean anywhere to add a splash of ocean.

Blue Painted Life Preserver
Paint an old Life Preserver Ring bright blue. Use it to decorate the porch. This will add a fun nautical touch to your Outdoor Space. Seen at Coastal Vintage.

Blue Painted Front Door
And lastly, create coastal curb appeal by Painting the Front Door Blue.