Paint the Back of a Bookcase Bold & Beautiful

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To paint the back of a bookcase is a quick way to add color and a little drama to your space, as well as highlight a display.

paint back of bookcase idea

The green painted back of this bookcase sets off the collection on display beautifully. I absolutely love it! Via Better Homes and Gardens.

painted bookcase backs
Painted bookcase backs in a Manhatten Beach bungalow that you can tour at Country Living.

yellow bookcase
A sunny yellow bookcase at the Bonnet house in Fort Lauderdale, featured at Martha Stewart.

blue painted bookcase
Paint the back of your bookcase the color of calm ocean waters. The perfect backdrop for coastal collectibles. Via Country Living.

red back of bookcase
Or how about bold nautical red? Very eye catching! This cottage was part of this year's Newport Harbor Home Tour in California. Click over to see more pictures! Interiors are by Barclay Butera.

paint back of bookcase living room
You might recognize this living room. It's the home of Ali Wentworth. If bright and bold isn't your thing, you can still create contrast and paint the back of your bookcase a few shades deeper than the room. It's an elegant solution.

bookcase with blue back
And soft blue in a Florida cottage featured at Traditional Home. The idea also works for cabinets with glass doors, as seen on Organizing your Sea Collections. Or make over a cabinet by taking off the doors, then paint the back. By painting the back of a bookcase you can create an instant mini Accent Wall!

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