7 DIY Shell Vase Ideas | Seashell Vases

Create a shell vase reminiscent of mosaic arts and the practice of collecting.
shell mosaic vases

Here are some great ideas how you can transform an old vase into a piece of shell art. To adhere the shells you coat the vase with Plaster of Paris, or Mode Podge Collage Clay (see last example). If the vase you are using is glazed you need to sand it first or wrap it with Plaster Cloth Tape so the "glue media" has something to hold on to. There are links to three shell vase tutorials, one being a YouTube video! Above is an example of two shell vases created by a mosaic artist. They include some barnacles as well.

Plaster Shell Vase Idea

For this vase not only shells were used but all kinds of little keepsakes from different vacations which gives this shell vase a unique character.  

Shell Beachcomber Vase

Besides shells, you can use other beach finds as well. Seaglass, of course, is always beautiful.

Seashell Vase

An old vase was covered with seashells found while walking the beaches in Florida. A shell vase surely is a great way to enjoy your collected shells everyday. 

Vintage Shell Vase

For this project the shells were hotglued to the urn vase, no plaster was used -just like the Shell Decorated Terracotta Planter Pots
The "glue material" used for this shell vase was Mod Podge Collage Clay. It sounds easy to do! 

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