Beach and Ocean Diorama Box Ideas

Create the world of your dreams in a box with these cute beach and ocean diorama box ideas.

shadow diorama box beach
A beautiful Diorama Shadow Box with words, created by Ela Lake Design. This is box is a great idea for Memory Keeping.

Beach Shadow Box Diorama Idea
Beach diorama shadow box idea by Joann Crafts. For directions, go here.

beach diorama box
A tiny beach diorama box by Mel Stampz, using a square box that only measures 3-1/4" and a Polaroid photograph. The clothesline was made with thin silver wire and 2 mini skewers.

making ocean diorama
Martha Stewart has a few beach and Ocean Diorama ideas too, transforming sardine tins into adorable 3D mini worlds. So if you plan on making an ocean diorama, look for a container in the food pantry. Or how about a shoe box? "Conceiving a diorama is an adventure in scale and spatial relationships," Martha says. "Choose a container, then put yourself in the shoes of one of its future inhabitants." Start your diorama box with the background. Martha glued maps onto cardboard, then glued them inside the tins. She cut waves from blue paper, added shells, twigs, toy birds, floating fish, a lighthouse, and a little bit of net too, sprinkled some sand and attached rope.

ocean diorama box
A super cute ocean diorama box by La Boom.

ocean wave diorama
A cool ocean wave diorama box. Original source unknown.

victorian beach diorama
This beach diorama box by Marilee Jane Designs is loaded with antique jewelry bits, and pieces. It's a 4 x 4 inch Victorian style gem.

wall beach diorama
An example of a wall beach diorama box, made by artist Christine Originals who creates amazing miniature scenes.

ocean diorama with sand
And the easiest ocean diorama of them all, a shadow box with an ocean photograph and beach sand! Original source unknown. The scale of your ocean diorama box can be small, large and anything in between. A diorama box is a fun way to bring home the beach.

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