Miniature Gardens with a Beach Theme in Pots and Baskets

Create your own little piece of beach or ocean front with sweet miniature gardens in pots and baskets.

miniature garden in cocoa basket
To create your beach theme miniature garden use a pot or a cocoa basket, then plant larger growing plants at the edge of the garden where they can spill out. You need to leave room for your beach scene!

All images are via Miniature Garden Shoppe. Check out their entire gallery.

miniature garden in pot
Cover the soil with beach sand and start designing your little piece of beachfront property. Place sea treasures here and there, and I think a Beach Dune Fence is a must. It defines the space so nicely.

miniature garden with a beach theme
Instead of blue glass pebbles, you might want to use seaglass for your beach garden.

And not every beach is all sand. Mixing rocks is beautiful too. And don't be afraid to cut plants back when they out-grow their space. It is an important part of keeping a miniature garden in shape.

miniature gardening
Visit Miniature Garden Shoppe for more examples, tips and tutorials. What a fun weekend project this is.

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