Wire Crafts -Starfish & Wire Stand

My simple wire crafts, bending up starfish and more.

wire starfish
You can use wire starfish the same way you use real starfish. Scatter them around to create beachy tablescapes, attach them to wreaths, make garlands, or simply Hang them with Twine. Here I had them dangle from my dining room chandelier.

how to bend wire
To help you bend the wire, draw the starfish onto a piece of wood, then hammer in nails. Use nails without heads so you can easily remove the starfish.

wire crafts
You will have to tweak each starfish a little. The opening allowed me to easily hook the starfish to the chandelier.

wire starfish
All starfish are spray painted gold.

wire starfish garland
This is where they are hanging now. As a garland between the kitchen windows over the sink.

small wire stand
Bending a wire stand.

decorative wire for vases and pots
And if you give a starfish some extra wire for a stem, you can add it to a vase or pot.

wire crafts
And a bunch of bouncy wire trees, topped with a seaglass piece.