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Blue Glass Landscaping Mulch & Pebble Ideas for Coastal Style Gardening

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Coastal Garden Landscaping Ideas that capture the refreshing sparkling blue colors of the ocean, using blue glass mulch & landscaping pebbles.

Blue glass landscaping ideas for a coastal ocean vibe
Blue landscaping glass has the look and feel of Seaglass.

Ocean Blue Glass Mulch Garden Design Decor Idea

Instead of gravel stones you can use Blue Glass Pebbles for Landscaping to create an oceanic space in you yard.  From Style Editor & Author Fifi O'Neil's Facebook Page.

Blue Glass Mulch Landscaping Ideas
Blue Glass Mulch Landscaping Ideas at HGTV.

When using glass mulch for landscaping, make sure to install it over high quality landscape fabric so it doesn’t sink into the soil.

Blue Glass Gardening & Landscaping Ideas
Blue Pebbles Bahama Blend from Exotic Pebbles and Aggregates was used to create this lovely river that flows into the backyard pool.

Blue Glass Pebble Idea for Landscaping
Add blue glass or glass pebbles to your garden landscape wherever you want a bit of oceanic sparkle. Via Hometalk.

Blue Crushed Glass Mulch Potting Planter Idea
Just like Seashell Mulch, you can use seaglass inspired glass mulch for containers to create pots with perks! According to HGTV, container gardening is one of the most popular trends among gardeners, both expert and novice.

Mermaid Fairy Garden in Pot with Seaglass Mulch
A mermaid fairy garden in a pot using seaglass. From Greenwood Nursery on Instagram.

Firepit with Blue Fire Glass
Firepit idea from BHG using Blue Tempered Fire Glass.

You might also want to check out a nifty DIY bucket firepit idea that uses blue tempered glass featured on Seaglass Display Ideas.

Where to Buy Blue Landscape Glass

Both companies make decorative landscape glass from recycled post-consumer glass that can be used for landscaping and gardening projects as well as potted plants, flower arrangements and much more. And you might also find blue landscaping glass at your local Home Depot or Lowes. White Space

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