Coastal Fire Pits to Bring the Beach Bonfire to the Backyard, Patio & Deck

If your life needs more beach bonfires, you will love these fire pit ideas.

Firepit on the Beach | Bonfire Ideas
These fire pit ideas will bring the beach bonfire experience to your backyard, patio or deck, and to the table too.

Fire Pit Ideas for the Patio Porch and Backyard Beach Bonfire Like

Portable Fire Pit Ideas Beach Bonfire

To truly recreate the beach bonfire with your fire pit you might opt for a wood burning fire place like a portable round iron fire pit for example. Other fire pits are fueled by propane which is very convenient, plus these fire pits can be filled with decorative fire glass, you will find examples below.

Portable Firepit Tropical Nautical
You can take a portable fire pit anywhere you want, including the beach.

Coastal, Beach and Nautical Firepits by Patina

Firepit on Deck

Beach Backyard with Firepit
If you really miss the beach, create one in your backyard! 

Beach Bonfire Experience in the Backyard
Wiggle your toes in the sand while enjoying your backyard bonfire. 

How to Build a Stone Firepit in the Backyard
And in this beach bonfire design, rocks serve as the firepit’s foundation. Boulders were stacked in a ring and gaps filled with smaller stones. For detailed instructions, head over to the DIY Network.

Firepit with Blue Fire Glass

Concrete Backyard Fire Pits Blue Fireglass

Fire Pits for Coastal Living

Table Top Fire Pit Bowls
And then, there are all the table top fire pits and fire bowls that you can consider for your home. Just like the large fire pits, these fire bowls look awesome with Blue Fire glass and Fire Beads

Beach Bonfire Picture
It might be hard to beat the real thing, but a coastal fire pit comes pretty close. Bonfire at the Beach via Living the Dream.