JoAnn Crafts -6 Sea Inspired Favorites

Here are some favorite coastal theme DIY craft projects form JoAnn's Meet Me by The Sea collection.

joann crafts
Raise a sail on your wall. The sail is made with a silver painted 6-ft long dowel rod and canvas cloth. Additional rods are inserted into the hems and the numbers are ironed on.

All these Joann Crafts are available as free downloads on PDF files at Joann Spring 2013.

hanging oars
This is a great way to hang oars and turn them into wall art. You can have a lot of fun Painting the Oars in different colors too.

painting pillows
JoAnn Crafts also includes Painting Pillows. The pillows are made from canvas fabric just like the sails and have a Rope trim which gives them a nice finished look. You paint the anchor (provided in PDF file) first, then sew the two pieces of fabric together.

making clay coral
This DIY Coral sculpture is made with wire, foil and clay, then baked to perfection.

making rope net
Joann Crafts also has step by step instruction to make a diamond shape Rope net. The net is used to turn a glass cylinder into a hanging nautical candle lantern.

diy curio table with picture fram
And a cute Curio Side Tables. Joann uses a picture frame to make a small table that can showcase postcards and photos from your beach vacation.