DIY Bottle Lamps with Lamp Kits | Coastal Beach & Nautical Bottles

Turn an ordinary bottle into a beautiful coastal table lamp with a lamp kit.

DIY Coastal Nautical Beach Bottle Lamp Ideas
It's easy to Turn a Cool Coastal Style Bottle into a table lamp with a DIY Bottle Lamp Kit, especially the Cork Lamp Kits that slip right inside the bottle just like a cork does. With slip on lamp kits the cord will run on the outside of the bottle. If you want to hide the cord inside the bottle, you would have to get a Lamp Socket Kit (see top center image) and drill a hole into the glass.

DIY Coastal Bottle Lamp

This Bottle Lamp Kit was used to create an adorable beach bottle lamp. The Coastal Lampshade is also handmade, using a self adhesive lampshade crafted with a fun Coastal Fabric.

DIY Seaglass Bottle Table Lamp

An example of a DIY coastal bottle lamp that has the cord inside the bottle. As mentioned earlier, this approach requires drilling a hole into the bottle. A Rubber Adapter Bottle Lamp Kit is used.

Kraken Bottle Lamp

DIY Nautical Bottle Vase Lamp

A Nautical Rope Net Bottle Vase lamp pieced together with existing hardware from a broken table lamp. 

DIY Blue Glass Bottle Lamp

A great Demijohn Jug is turned into a lamp with a standard socket. With this method you have to do a little bit of wiring.

DIY Glass Jug Table Lamp
Impressive jug lamp filled with seaglass. Original source unknown.