Coastal, Beach & Nautical Lamp Shades

Refresh the look of a lamp with a fabulous coastal, beach or nautical lamp shade.

Coastal Beach + Nautical Lamp Shades
These beautiful coastal lamp shades look great during the day as they do when lit up at night, casting a beachy ambiance. The lamp shades have spider washer fittings (for a picture scroll down to the blue coral lamp shade) and can be clipped onto a light bulb with a Harp or a Light Bulb Clip. Some of the shades include the harp. Make sure to check with the seller if the harp is included if your lamp base doesn't have one already. Or simply get a bulb clip. Also, the lamp shades can be hung from the ceiling as a pendant light with a Hanging Lamp Pendant Kit.

Coastal Nautical Drum Lampshades

Two bold patterns, the Starfish Collection and the Anchor Collection, each available in two different colors.

Coastal Nautical Tropical Fabric Lampshades
Coastal fabric lampshades on Minted include Coastal, Nautical and Tropical designs, available in a variety of sizes and color choices. And you can also choose the fitting inside the lampshades. With an UNO fitting you can clip the shade onto a bulb and with a spider fitting you can use the lampshade on a base with a harp or hang it as a pendant light.

Handmade Nautical Lampshades
Elegant coastal and nautical theme lampshades by Alice Kate Design.

Starfish Lamp Shade

Coral Reef Branch Fabric Lampshade Design

Handmade lampshades from a cotton fabric that has a linen appearance.

Nautical Lamp Shades
A wide variety of Nautical Vintage Style Lamp Shades by Premier Lighting in different sizes. These nautical lamp shades ship worldwide from the UK.

Flamingo Lampshades

Wicker Rattan Lamp Shades

Natural Wicker has a wonderful coastal vibe and brings beautiful texture and dimension to the space. Wicker Furniture, Wicker Lamps, Wicker Light PendantsStorage Baskets and other home decor accessories are made with woven plant fibers such as rattan, seagrass and hyacinth.