DIY Watercolor Painted Lampshades with an Oceanic Sea Flair

Paint your own oceanic lampshade!
Blue Watercolor Painted Lampshade Ocean Water Idea

It's fairly easy to paint a lampshades. You can paint on a lampshade directly, or watercolor paint a cotton fabric then wrap it around a shade. For this project you can use Inexpensive Neutral Lampshades or an existing lampshade that lends itself for a paint makeover like this. Above lampshade is a lovely Abstract Ocean Painting. Unfortunately there is no tutorial for this painted lampshade.

The ombre design was painted directly onto the lampshade with a foam brush. You have to work quickly as you paint in order to blend the colors.

Sea Glass Inspired Painted Fabric Lampshade Idea

This is a tutorial for a painted lampshade in Seaglass colors. The design was painted on a thin cotton fabric that was then wrapped around the shade.