Easy to Make Shell Garland

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I was fortunate to find a bunch of lovely shells with perfect holes already in them, so it was super easy to make a shell garland. Look for shells with holes, or learn how to Drill Shells!

shell garland
The type of shell I found asked for a very thin twine (in my opinion). You could also use a fish line, but I wanted it to be a natural material.

shell garland made with thin twine
First, lay out the shells to determine what kind of spacing you want in between each shell, then simply string them together.

shell garland as curtain decor
The garland is now hanging off a curtain rod, just like the one I saw at West Elm, featured on Hanging Shells, Driftwood and Seaglass.

sea shell garland hanging
Some of the hues in the shells match the yellow in the curtain perfectly.

handmade seashell garland
And come Christmas my shell garland might be relocated to decorate the tree! You could make two shell garlands, one for each curtain panel! White Space White Space

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